The Anello Family History

After fishing Salmon on the Sacramento river for several years, Tom and Millie

Burke moved to Bodega Bay in the early 1950’s and purchased their first

commercial fishing boat the Simona Ann.  Their son and daughter in-law, John and

Nedra Burke followed in 1957.  John started his fishing career as a crew member

on his father’s boat.  In 1970 John and Nedra purchased their own boat, the

Nancy, and continued to fish it for many years while raising their family, Jeff,

Randy, and Cathy. Their two sons followed in the family’s footsteps, fishing with

both their father and grandfather.  Jeff later bought a boat, but has since retired

from fishing.  Today Randy, along with his son Eric, run John’s boat the

Caledonian, fishing for Salmon and Crab.


In 1969  Steve Anello Sr. and his dad started fishing out of Bodega Bay.  Steve

was 11 at the time. One year later, at the age of 12, he purchased his first fishing

boat.  Steve has been fishing commercially for 46 years. Steve, and John and

Nedra Burkes daughter, Cathy, where married in 1977, creating the Anello-Burke

clan.  Between the 2 families there are close to 10 members that fish today, with

5 fishing boats between them.


Steve and Cathy have three children.  Matt, a fourth generation fisherman, fishes

with his father on his boat the Donna Mia.  Steve and Christina, along with their

mother Cathy, work to bring you fresh and sustainable caught seafood direct to

you from the families fishing boats.

“JB” Welding Dungeness crab pots.

After running a commercial fishing vessel for years John Burke expanded his business into building crab pots for most of the California coast

The Donna Mia going down the channel on the way out of Bodega Bay

This is Steve Anello Sr’s current boat. A life long commercial fisherman he has owned many boats though out his life.