Is Anello Family Crab & Seafood associated with Spud Point Crab Company in Bodega Bay?

Anello Family Crab and Seafood is NOT associated with Spud Point Crab Company in any way. We pride ourselves in marketing our product separate from any other company.

Where do you guys sell?

Currently Anello Family Crab & Seafood sells at the Santa Rosa Certified Farmers Market. We will be selling at more farmers markets soon. We also ship Dungeness crab direct to you.

What products does Anello Family Crab & Seafood sell?

Currently we sell clam chowder, live and cooked Dungeness crab (season permitting), and Live shipped Dungeness crab. We are always expanding and have plans to provide such services as catering, private crab cooks, seafood related sauces and wholesale crab. Check back often to see when these products and services may be available.

How fresh is your product?

The short answer is very very fresh. We source our crab from family owned boats in Bodega Bay and keep them live until we cook them the day we sell or you take them home. Our shipped crab is also shipped to you live overnight.

What are the origins of your clam chowder recipe?

Our Chowder recipe was developed by Cathy Anello and Christina Anello-Younger and inspired by the long history Cathy has had cooking clam chowder alongside her mother Nedra.

Why cant you guarantee the ship date of your shipped Dungeness crab?

In order to bring you the freshest possible we most rely on commercial fishing vessels to catch our product. Unforeseen weather and other factors may prevent the commercial boats from going out. Anello Family Crab & Seafood make every effort to deliver your crab on the date requested. We will also make every effort to alert you if product is not available.

How does your voucher system work?

Simply present your purchased voucher to us at the farmers markets we sell at to receive your product.